25.09.2019 - Seminarium "Przetwarzania Języka Naturalnego" - godz. 10:15

Igor Boguslavsky (Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) 

Streszczenie autorskie:

I will present a semantic analyzer SemETAP, which is a module of a linguistic processor ETAP designed to perform analysis and generation of NL texts. We proceed from the assumption that the depth of understanding is determined by the number and quality of inferences we can draw from the text. Extensive use of background knowledge and inferences permits to extract implicit information. Salient features of SemETAP include:

  • knowledge base contains both linguistic and background knowledge;
  • inference types include strict entailments and plausible expectations;
  • words and concepts of the ontology may be supplied with explicit decompositions for inference purposes;
  • two levels of semantic structure are distinguished. Basic semantic structure (BSemS) interprets the text in terms of ontological elements.Enhanced semantic structure (EnSemS) extends BSemS by means of a series of inferences;
  • a new logical formalism Etalog is developed in which all inference rules are written.

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