The mission of the Institute as one of the leading CS research centres in Poland is: conducting research on the highest world level, teaching on the second and especially third level of higher education, as well as cooperation, or coordination of cooperation, with other research centres under large IT projects.

Scientific activity of the Institute ->

  • logo nekstFoundations of Artificial Intelligence Group has developed NEKST - the first Polish semantic large scale Internet search engine - under an Operational Programme Innovative Economy project.

  • logo ZILLinguistic Engineering Group, is the author of resources and tools for processing of Polish. The flagship product (developed jointly with the Institute of the Polish Language PAS, Polish Scientific Publishers and University of Lodz) is the National Corpus of Polish. The Group’s newest achievement is  
  • ZTSRO logoTheory of Distributed and Computing Systems Group, together with partners from five universities, has developed PlanICS - an intelligent hybrid system for planning and composition of web services.

  • logoZBOComputational Biology Group – has participated in developing a strategy for detecting mutations in regulator regions, using its own data analysis methods.

  • ICEPOLE logo finalCryptography Group has developed new algorithms (ciphers) with authentication in order to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data, obtaining at the same time a mechanism for authenticating the sender. The ICEPOLE algorithm has been distinguished in the PRINCE competition.
  • ZAMS logoStatistical Analysis and Modelling Group is achieving very important results on selection of variables in statistic regression problems, differential modelling and development of new models for text production.



  • jakoscroku15i16


    ICS PAS was a winner of the competition:
    QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2015, and received the statuette QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2016 GOLD

  • Headlex16 at ICS PAS

    On 24-29 July 2016, ICS PAS hosted HEADLEX16:
    "Joint 2016 Conference on Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar and Lexical Functional Grammar"


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